Photos from Dorne Cup

A selection of photos by Stu McKenzie of Hutt Valley Harriers in action at the 90th Dorne Cup.

  • Under 9's in action
    Under 9's in action
  • Keryn Morgan
    Keryn Morgan
  • Jay Waters
    Jay Waters
  • Neil Sargisson
    Neil Sargisson
  • Darren Gordon
    Darren Gordon
  • Alexander Prichard
    Alexander Prichard
  • Jorja Watt
    Jorja Watt
  • Nick Sasse
    Nick Sasse
  • Nicholas Green
    Nicholas Green
  • Mark Growcott
    Mark Growcott
  • Reon Rollo
    Reon Rollo
  • Nathaniel Graham
    Nathaniel Graham
  • Brig Murdoch
    Brig Murdoch
  • Steve Robertson
    Steve Robertson
  • Trish Coley
    Trish Coley
  • Nicholas Drayton
    Nicholas Drayton
  • Karl van Polanen
    Karl van Polanen
  • Jonathon Roberts
    Jonathon Roberts
  • Martyn Cherry
    Martyn Cherry
  • Kristi Perkinson
    Kristi Perkinson
  • Stephen Cummings
    Stephen Cummings
  • Mat Rogers
    Mat Rogers
  • Paul Newsom, Graeme Burr, & Bill Trompetter
    Paul Newsom, Graeme Burr, & Bill Trompetter
  • Chloe Thorne
    Chloe Thorne