2022 HVH Season opener

As previously noted, the past two seasons have been messy due to the Covid 19 virus and it looks as if the new season is going to start off the same.

As this Newsletter is written the country is in the “Red setting” of the “COVID-19 Protection Framework” (Traffic Light system) and looks as though it’s going to remain there for a while. The dates noted for events are therefore subject to change.

Hutt Fun Run

We have unfortunately had to cancel the Hutt Fun Run again this year. This has been noted on the Hutt Fun Run website.

Opening day

Opening day will be on Saturday 2 April. If the country is still at the Red setting of the “COVID-19 Protection Framework” we will have to check that all members who come to meetings have a “Vaccination Pass” and we are limited to 100 members at a time. We will also (of course) carry on registering all attendees either via the QR Code or by noting your presence on a list.

If we move to the “Orange” setting, these restrictions will be relaxed somewhat. We will let you know what setting we’re on prior to each meeting.

Syllabus for April (Preliminary)

Saturday 2 April       Opening day

Saturday 9 April       Club Run. (Also Wellington Mountain Running Championships)

Sunday 10 April       Christchurch Marathon

Saturday 16 April     Club Run (Easter Weekend)

Saturday 23 April     Novices and Presidents Races

Saturday 23 April     (Also NZ Mountain Running Championships, Queenstown)

Saturday 30 April     Shaw Baton Relays.