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A look at our past

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This year is Hutt Valley Harrier’s 90th anniversary.

We have come a long way since 13 young men went for the first ever Hutt Valley Harriers run in April 1923.

HVH First Pack

That run took place from the Hutt Recreation ground and the moment was captured in the above photo (supplied courtesy of Gordon Smith).

By June 1923 HVH had 20 members running competitively in events.  The following photo captured the members at Petone by the old Ava rail bridge.

1923 HVHers

Note how each member wore an identifying number.  This has helped past historians identify most of the people in the photo.  In the backrow is (1) Chas Goddard, (2) George Dorne,  (3) Harry Sanderrs, (4)W.S. Robinson, (5)Roy Kent, (6) unidentified, (7) Dutchie Clark, (8) Don Hope,(9) Aussie Clarke, (10) Viv Hodgkinson, (11) Charlie Bowler, (12) Mat Gough, (13) Ben Parker, (14) Chic Davis,  and (15) Jim Crooks.  In the front row is (16) Frank Sanders, (17) Tom Hurly (founding member), (18) Wally Lindap, (19) Neil Craig (founding member) and (20) unidentified.

A notable big success in Hutt Valley Harriers first year was the winning of the Vosseler Shield.

1923 Vosseler winners

Winners of 1923 Vosseler Shield
Allan Dorne, Lol Payne, Frank Sanders, and Chic Davis.

Hutt Valley Harriers followed up their 1923 success in the Vosseler by winning the Shield again in 1924.

1924 Vosseler winners

Winners of 1924 Vosseler Shield
Frank Sanders, Charles Goddard, Bert Hitchox, Jack Cunningham, and Jack Sanders.

Another significant first for Hutt Valley Harriers was the club’s introduction of the first female Harrier club members in New Zealand in 1928.

HVH First Women Pack

 Some of HVH first female runners in action in 1930.

1931 Ladies

 1931 Hutt Valley Harriers ladies.
Back row: S Trainor, K O’Callaghan, L Cottle, A Price, G Pilcher, D Willis, D Johnston
Middle row: E Hutton, E Powell, Mrs S J Pilcher (President), M Jones, H Collins
Front row: J Pilcher, N Campbell, D Johnson

(Photos sourced from HVH archives)