Dorne Cup

Date:  Saturday 12 June 2021

This information will be updated as necessary, and updates announced via the HVH Facebook page at

Age Grades and Uniforms
Age at 31st December 2021, except Masters grades where age at 12th June 2021.  As this event is only open to Registered Club Members, the correct club uniform must be worn.

Timing System:
Athletics Wellington provides the timing system for this event. Race bibs will again be used for each of the 4 interclub races. The bibs will have timing chips on their reverse.

Closing time for Entry and Race Bib Pick-up:
You must be financial in ClubNet to receive a race bib. If you are financial by 5 June you will receive a personalised race bib on the day. If you are financial after 5 June and up to 11 June, you will receive a temporary race bib, which must be returned after the race.

Athletes must uplift their race bib from race HQ at least 30 minutes prior to the start of their race. Their race bib must be worn on the front of their club singlet. Their timing chips must be left securely on the reverse of the bibs. No bib or timing chips means you will not be recorded in the results.  Avoid the long queues by arriving at Trentham Memorial Parks early. Race HQ is open from 11:30am

Out of Centre clubs to email entries to the Race Director and Daryl Bloomfield by  10 June 2021.

Location: The races are held in Trentham Memorial Park, Trentham.  Enter from Barton Avenue (off Fergusson Drive).  Race headquarters will be located inside the Park adjacent to the Pavilion near the Trentham United Harrier Club Rooms.

Course Description
A flat cross-country event around the picturesque Trentham Memorial Park and the Hutt River stop banks.  The course is suitable for spikes.  An Athletics New Zealand sanctioned event.

Runners Competing Out of Grade
Any athletes who wish to compete in out of grade (e.g. WU20 competing as Open Women, W35+ competing as Open Women, M50+ competing as Open Men) must declare by email to the Race Director and Daryl Bloomfield by  11 June.

Protests and Appeals
IAAF Competition Rules 146 covers protests and appeals.  In the first instance, any protest must be made to the Race Referee, within 30 minutes of the finish of the race. Referee’s decision will be given to the Race Director. Any appeal must be made to the Race Director.

Marshals are clearly identifiable with orange or yellow Hi-Viz vests around the course. If you are injured or observe an injury or problem of any kind please report to the nearest marshal. All competitors must obey the directions of marshals.

No Earbuds or Audio Devices
Under IAAF Rule 144 (3)(b) competitors are not allowed to be in possession of or use video recorders, radios, CDs, radio transmitters, mobile phones or similar devices (e.g. iPods/MP3 players) in the competition area.  Such equipment is considered as giving assistance to athletes and also creates a H&S hazard as athletes must be able to hear directions given to them during their race by Marshals and other Officials.

Race Events

Event Race Start Time Age Grade Distance
1 1.00pm Masters Women (35+)** 6km
Masters Women (50+)**
Open Women (SW)
Masters Men (60+)**
Masters Women (60+)**
Masters Men (70+)**
Masters Women (70+)**
2 1.20pm Men Under 20 (MU20)* 4km
Women Under 20 (WU20)*
Men Under 18 (MU18)*
Women Under 18 (WU18)*
3 1.45pm Boys Under 12 (BU12)* 2km
Girls Under 12 (GU12)*
4 2.00pm Boys Under 14 (BU14)* 2km
Girls Under 14 (GU14)*
5 2.15pm Boys Under 16 (BU16)* 3km
Girls Under 16 (GU16)*
6 2.30pm 1km
Boys Under 10 (BU10)*
Girls Under 10 (GU10)*
7 2.45pm Open Men (SM) 8km
Masters Men (35+)**
Masters Men (50+)**

* For events marked with * your grade is based on your age at 31 Dec 2021

** For events marked with ** your grade is based on your age at 12 June 2021.


This year’s course remains the same as previous years. The 2km loop will run past Barton’s Bush and go across and around the Children’s soccer fields, before turning towards the Cricket Nets and then finish along the straight in beside the carpark, back up to the start line at the Pavilion.

The 4km loop will now travel through Barton’s bush and weave between the senior and kids’ rugby fields, before travelling through a second bush track which emerges by the axeman’s grounds. Runners will cross the bridge over the stream and do a short dogleg before crossing through the stream by Cricket nets and then follow the straight back to the start line.

The course bush tracks are compacted gravel, while the remainder of the course is on grass.  There are a few road crossings.  Where we can, these will have carpet laid across the seal.

3km course = 1 x 1km loop plus 1 x 2km loop
6km course = 1 x 2km loop plus 1 x 4km loop
8km course = 2 x 4km loop

1km Loop for Dorne Cup
2km Loop for Dorne Cup

4km Loop for Dorne Cup

Entry Fees  –

Entry fees are not payable in advance and your club will be invoiced for each member who competes as follows:

All Athletes:                            Under 20 years of age: $7.50 each               All others: $12.00 each


Medals will be awarded to the first three individual place-getters in each grade who are registered with Athletics New Zealand.


In the senior men’s open event the first 6 runners’ home for each club constitute the team, and in all other grades the first 4 count.  Each member of the winning team in each running event will receive a certificate.

Unregistered Athletes

This event is only open to registered athletes and schools specifically invited to compete in the Dorne Cup.

Athletes who are not registered in the SportsTG database by the end of Friday 11 June, or who run with an incorrect bib, will not be timed and will not be eligible for medals or team placing’s, and will be disqualified.

It’s also important to note that if you have not registered with Athletics NZ and are not financial with your club then you won’t be able to compete. You MUST have paid your club fees and be marked off by your club in the SportsTG database.