Dorne Cup 2015

Dorne Cup 2015

Date:  Saturday 13 June 2015

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Location: The races are held in Trentham Memorial Park, Trentham.  Enter from Barton Avenue (off Fergusson Drive).  Race headquarters will be located inside the Park adjacent to the Pavilion near the Trentham United Harrier Club Rooms.

Course Description

A flat cross-country event around the picturesque Trentham Memorial Park and the Hutt River stop banks.  The course is suitable for spikes.  An Athletics New Zealand sanctioned event.

Please note that the Junior Men’s and Junior Women’s events are now combined into one.  M60+ age race over the 6km distance at 1pm.  Boys and Girls Under 15 run in the 3km race at 2:15pm.

Race Events

Event Race Start Time Age Grade Distance
1 1.00pm Masters Women (35+)** 6km
Masters Women (50+)**Open Women (SW)Masters Men (60+)**
2 1.30pm Men Under 20 (MU20)* 4km
Women Under 20 (WU20)*Men Under 18 (MU18)*Women Under 18 (WU18)*
3 2.00pm Boys Under 11 (BU11)* 2km
Girls Under 11 (GU11)*
4 2.15pm Boys & Girls Under 13(BU13/GU13)* 3km
Boys & Girls Under 15  (BU15/GU15)*
5 2.30pm Boys Under 9 (BU9)* 1km
Girls Under 9 (GU9)*
6 2.45pm Open Men (SM) 8km
Masters Men (40+)**
Masters Men (50+)**


* For events marked with * your grade is based on your age at 31 Dec 2015

** For events marked with ** your grade is based on your age at 14 June 2015.

Runners Competing Out Of Grade

Any athletes who wish to compete in a higher grade than their age (e.g. WU20 competing as Open Women, W35+ competing as Open Women, M50+ competing as M40+) must declare to the Race Director by email to their intention to do so no later than 5:00pm on Monday 8 June.

Entry Fees      

Registered Athletes (Wellington Centre)

Entry fees for registered athletes running for their clubs are not payable in advance.  After the event your club will be invoiced for each member who competes as follows:

Under 20 years of age                    $7.50 each

All others                                      $10.00 each


Registered athletes from local Wellington clubs are not required to complete an entry form.  They simply turn up and run for their club on the day.  They must, however, be wearing their correct club uniform and use the correct Wellington timing chip. Only athletes who have had their timing chip activated for the 2015 season will receive a time for this event.  Athletes who are not registered, or who run with an incorrect chip, or who run without an active timing chip will not be timed and will not be eligible for medals or team placing’s.


Entry Fees continued

Registered Athletes (From Outside Wellington)

Entry fees for registered athletes from clubs outside Wellington are not payable in advance, however entries must be submitted by email or received by mail no later than 5:00pm on Thursday 11th June.  No late entries will be accepted, and entry is not available on the day.  After the event your club will be invoiced for each member who competes as follows (which includes hire of timing chip):

Under 20 years of age                    $15.00 each

All others                                        $20.00 each

School Teams

Entries under this category must be submitted by email or received by mail no later than 4:00pm on Monday 8 June and must pay an entry fee of $15 per runner.

No late entries will be accepted and entry is not available on the day.  Payment can be made on the day, or in advance when completing the entry form.  Arrangements can be made with the Treasurer to have an invoice prepared after the event.

Unregistered Athletes

This event is only open to registered athletes and schools specifically invited to compete in the Dorne Cup.

For registered athletes from outside Wellington and school teams, a timing chip will be provided. Timing chips are to be returned on the day immediately following your race.  Athlete’s not returning their chips will be invoiced $50.



Medals will be awarded to the first three individual place-getters in each grade who are registered with Athletics New Zealand.


In the senior men’s open event the first 6 runners’ home for each club constitute the team, and in all other grades the first 4 count.  Each member of the winning team in each running event will receive a certificate.

NOTE: To be eligible for team awards you MUST be wearing your correct club uniform, the correct timing chip AND be a registered financial member of your club.  For Centre athletes, only registered runners who are recorded as current financial members of their clubs in the IMG database as of midnight on Wednesday 10th of June 2015 will be entered into the Dorne Cup.

School Teams

The following grades for school teams are available – MU20, WU20, MU18, WU18, BU15 and GU15, The first four finishers are to count, and competitors do not have to be registered with Athletics New Zealand.  Where a competitor is registered with Athletics New Zealand then their placing will count for both their club and their school team.  Each member of the winning school team in each grade will receive a certificate.  Your grade depends on your age at 31 Dec 2015 – e.g. if you are 14 on 31/12/2015 then enter as either BU15 or GU15.
Contact Details

For more information contact –

Club Captain Julia Baron 04 973 1436
Club Treasurer Peter Sparks


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PO Box 36-118

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