HVH Constitution Review

Over the past few years our sport and how we administer the affairs of the club have undergone a number of changes.  Despite previous committee proposing changes to our constitution to keep track with these changes, our constitution has not been formally reviewed for nearly 10 years.

The Executive have undertaken an initial review of the constitution and now wish to seek the views and input of club members on the proposed changes.  Members will have until the end of August to provide feedback on the Constitution.  Your feedback should be emailed to the clubpresident@hvh.org.nz.  Once we have your feedback a final amended constitution will be presented for adoption at the 2016 AGM at the end of the season.

You can review the proposed changes to the HVH Constitution Review here.

Please email your feedback and/or comments on the proposed amended constitution to the clubpresident@hvh.org.nz by 31 August 2016.