Proposals to amend Athletics NZ By-Law A6 – Membership and Fees – General


The Athletics NZ Rules Committee has been asked to review By-Laws A4 and A6 to allow the facility to change the current levy collection system.

During 2013/14 a Working Group was created to review the current method of collecting the Athletics NZ levy. Further, the Working Group was also tasked to make recommendation on a levy collection method going forward – one that would incorporate a ‘fairer’ system and take advantage of technology.

During July and August 2014 the Board Chair and Athletics NZ Chief Executive toured all 11 regions and met with Centre and Club delegates to present the work that had been undertaken, and the findings of the Working Group. Feedback received during these meetings was collated and presented over the AGM/Club Connect Conference weekend in August.

The Athletics NZ Board has subsequently reviewed all the data obtained and agreed the way forward. We now present the amended By-Law (A6 – Membership and Fees – General) for the sport’s consideration. A further proposal regarding amendments to By-Law A4 – Centres will be circulated for consultation in the coming week.


The various fees specified in this Regulation will be set by the Board following appropriate consultation with Member Clubs.


1. Each Member Club shall pay to Athletics NZ an annual Club affiliation fee by the thirty-first (31st) day of May in that year. In the case of Clubs applying for affiliation, the amount of the first annual affiliation fee shall be paid upon confirmation of Board ratification of affiliation.

2. Failure to pay the affiliation fee by the due date shall result in the withdrawal of all services provided by Athletics NZ. Athletes of a Club that has not paid an affiliation fee by the due date shall not be permitted to take part in any athletic event restricted to registered athletes.


1. All members of affiliated clubs shall pay an annual individual Membership Fee under one of the following categories:

(a) Ages six (6) years and under.

(b) Ages seven (7) to fourteen (14) years.

(c) Ages fifteen (15) years and over.

(d) Volunteer. M:\Rules & By Laws\By Law Changes\Notifications 2014\Proposed amendments to By-Law A6 – Membership and Fees Oct 2014.docx

Note: The Membership Fee shall cover the period of the financial year as specified in Rule 24 and Membership ages are to be determined as at the thirty-first (31st) day of December in that year.

2. The Membership Fee shall be collected by the Club, and shall be forwarded to Athletics NZ not later than the twentieth (20th) day of the month following registration of the member details on the Athletics NZ database. Athletes who belong to more than one Club shall not be required to pay more than one Membership Fee in any membership year.

3.  Members of Clubs shall in addition pay any Club membership and other fees set by these bodies


In addition to the Membership Fee specified in Regulation A6.2, club members wishing to compete in any Athletics NZ National Championship (as specified in the Competition Regulations) may be required to pay a Championship Entry Fee.


  1. Any athlete who has paid the membership fee specified in Regulation A6.2.1(a), (b) or (c) is, subject to payment of any specified entry fee, entitled to take part in an inter-club event or any other event requiring Registration.
  2. (a) An athlete can belong to two (2) or more clubs but can be registered by one (1) club only, and shall normally compete only for the club with which he/she is registered.

(b)        (i) An athlete wishing to change their club of registration during the registration year shall obtain a clearance to transfer from their current club of registration and notify Athletics NZ.

(ii) An athlete having changed their club of registration once during the registration year shall not change their club of registration again during that registration year.

(iii) If an athlete has a valid reason for requiring a second transfer of registration that athlete shall apply in writing, stating the reason, to the Board of Directors.

  1. Any athlete who is a New Zealand citizen residing outside New Zealand, wishing to retain eligibility to represent Athletics NZ or to compete while visiting New Zealand, shall either register directly with Athletics NZ by payment of a non-resident registration fee (to be determined by Athletics NZ) or register as a member of an affiliated club.
  2. Regulation A6.2.1 does not apply to an athlete visiting New Zealand for three (3) months or less, who has a current registration or its equivalent with the IAAF affiliated national governing body of their normal country of residence and can, if required, provide satisfactory evidence of such.
  3. Any athlete found to have participated in an athletic event without having registered as provided in this Regulation shall be liable to disqualification for such period as Athletics NZ shall deem fit, and shall forfeit any trophy and prize(s) awarded to the athlete.

Note: A Centre may choose to issue a Registration Number to each registered athlete who is a member of one of the Member Clubs in its district for the purpose of confirmation of registration and identification during competition. The Centre may require this number to be displayed by the athlete during competition as a cloth number, card, patch or other form.

Conclusion: The Rules Committee requests feedback on this proposal before making a firm recommendation to the Board. As this is a significant change to the current levy collection method, and impacts on all Clubs, the Rules Committee are seeking feedback from all perspectives and encourages supportive and non-supportive feedback.

 Feedback can be made via the email address:

Rod Syme
Athletics NZ Rules Committee
October 2014