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2013 Carr Shield Results

The Carr Shield is competed for annually between the Wanganui Harriers and Hutt Valley Harriers as part of the Dorne Cup races.

The Shield was presented to both Harrier clubs by W.J. Carr to promote friendship and competition between our two clubs. The first competition for the Carr Shield was in 1946, won by Wanganui Harriers.

The Carr Shield “disappeared” after the 1983 competition, which was won by Hutt Valley Harriers and not competed for again until 2008 when the shield “reappeared”.   Prior to the 2013 competition Wanganui Harriers have won the Shield 23 times since 1946 and Hutt Valley Harriers have won it 19 times.

The Shield is competed on a one-for-one basis.  This means each club matches the number of runners in each grade of the Dorne Cup for which they have competitors and points are allocated based on the position each runner finishes in their grade (ie 1 point if first, 2 points if second, etc ).  The total points are summed up across all grades for which both clubs have competitors and the winning club is the club with the smallest number of total points.

This years results:

    Hutt Valley Harriers Points Wanganui Harriers Points
BU13   Reuben Goldingham-Newsom 2     Ben Conder


BU15   Matthew Sutcliffe   6     Liam Jones


MU18   Jayden McKnight   8     Jordan Reardon


SM   Brendan Quirke   42     Chris Berry


    Finn McCarthy   45     Josh Payne


W35   Charlotte Evett   8     Paula Conder


M40   Francis Evett   6     Rob Conder


M50   Bill Trompetter   12     Paul Duxfield


    Graeme Burr   16     Peter Jones


    Total Points   145      


    2013 Winner of Carr Shield – Hutt Valley Harriers by 19 points