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2014 – NZ Road Relay Championships

HVH is calling now for members who wish to compete in the 2014 NZ Road Relay Championships to be held in Christchurch 0n 4 October.  Sign-up via our Facebook site or send an email to Tony McKone –

HVH last competed in the Christchurch relay in 2009 when we won the C-grade championship.  Let’s see if we can repeat our success.   And to wet your appetite here’s what you can expect, taken from the tribute to the members of the 2009 C-Grade champions and their support crew…..

HVH C-Grade Team and support crew
HVH C-Grade Team and support crew

Rhyme of the Hutt Valley Harrier – By Tony McKone (2009)

The vision was set, the uniform it was made

As our eight hardy harriers did Christchurch invade

Two women to tend and support them prevail

From the Port Hills to Akaroa in the snow, rain and hail.


A lead was established by J Wyatt in style

As he followed the leaders, at least for a mile

Then down from the Kiwi to Allandale did he race

First to the change over – then Darbs took his place.


The rain did fall down as our Darbs hit the road

While closely behind him the chasers did bode

He led them thru’ Teddington, but dropped back alas

As first Scottish, then Napier and Leith they did pass.


At Gebbes, a valley, the Carlsonian stood up

He took hold of the baton and was off – he was tough!

Thru’ wind blown flat lands to Kaituna his goal

Carlsonian gave his best, he gave it his soul.


T’was Quirkey who next the challenge befell

“Close the gap on the leaders” his mission we did yell

As slowly and gradually, the seconds decreased

And much nearer the leaders when he hand to Pete.


Now Pee-Vee we called him, his stride long and high

Took off from the get go, we watched him speed by

Thru’ the River they call Little and up to Cooptown

He chased and he caught them, he ran them all down.


Then the Tank he took charge as he shot up Hilltop

Thru’ the sleet and the rain and without polyprop

For six km he did climb, up and up he did go

Until finally at last he found Tones ‘neath the snow!


Tones now alone in the rain and the hail

Took off down the mountain, he was surely no snail

With his feet all a burning, his legs pumped up and churning

Down into Duvauchelle for the beer he was earning


And finally t’was Mantis, our lead fine and tall

Who took charge of the baton and gave it his all

O’er the hills round the harbour, down to Akaroa

His pace was fantastic; he made all else look slower.


Then finally at last, the race it was done

The team all exhausted, to the pub for some fun

And then the prize giving, t’was time for some history

With Hutt Valley Harriers, named Champions of Grade C.


And so that’s our rhyme of our weekend down south

We beat all the others, they’re down in the mouth

Our thanks to our ladies who helped with our gig

We couldn’t have done it without Mir and Brig!


2009 Team - pre race photo
2009 Team – pre race photo