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HVH Round the Bays Relay Results 2018

HVH Results  Round the Bays Relay 2018
Full results from WHAC website
Hannah Gordon0:19:24
Jayme Maxwell0:18:17
Kristi Perkinson0:21:31
Brooke McKay0:17:04
Brooke McKay0:18:03
Total time 1:34:19
Masters Women 35+5th
Anna Melsop0:20:34
Kelly Field0:23:15
Vanessa Trompetter0:24:23
Keryn Morgan0:21:18
Marian Goodwin0:17:42
Total time 1:47:12
Master Men 35+4th
Darren Gordon0:16:13
Andrew Crosland0:16:18
Matthew Rogers0:16:25
Paul Strickland0:16:34
Steve Cummings0:16:07
Total time 1:21:37
Master Men 50+5th
Karl van Polanen0:18:59
Paul Newson0:18:19
Bill Trompetter0:19:24
Martyn Cherry0:19:52
Richard Doyle0:20:24
Total time 1:36:58