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Prize giving 2019

Prize Giving Results 2019
Novice Race Cup
1Joel Green
2Mike Butler
Presidents Handicap Race H A Walker Cup
1Steve Robertson
2Paul Newsom
3Stephen Cummings
Annie Huggan Cup Race
1Hannah Gordon
2Jayme Maxwell
3Nina Simmons
Girls U10 Cross Country Championship
1Mackenzie Gwerder
2Anna Green
3Kokoro Imazu
Boys U10 Cross Country Championship
1Finnigan Strickland
Girls U12 Cross Country Championship
1Eva Green
2Jane Doyle
3Gwen McGrath
Boys U12 Cross Country Championship
1Blake Miscall
2Thomas Prichard
3Cole Gwerder
Girls U14 Cross Country Championship
1Jessica McKenzie
2Emalise Alding
Boys U14 Cross Country Championship
1Alexander Prichard
2Ashton Tietjens
3Jonathan Green
Boys U16 Cross Country Championship
Boys Championship Cup – R J Lee Cup
1Nathaniel Graham
2Oscar Strickland
3Nicholas Green
Women U18 Cross Country Championship
Junior Womens Cross Country Championship Cup
1Hannah Stegenwallner
2Nina Simmons
Women U20 Cross Country Championship
Junior Womens Cross Country Championship Cup
1Jayme Maxwell
2Hannah Gordon
Senior Men Cross Country Championship
Lippitt Championship Cup
1Anthony Jackson
Masters Women 35+ Cross Country Championship
Vanola Bull Memorial Trophy
1Anna Mellsop
2Liz Gibson
3Isobel Franklin
Masters Women 50+ Cross Country Championship
1Vanessa Trompetter
Masters Women 60+ Cross Country Championship
1Trish Coley
Masters Men 35+ Cross Country Championship
Bill Merrick Trophy
1Darren Gordon
2Paul Strickland
Masters Men 50+ Cross Country Championship
Masters Men 50+ Cross Country Championship Cup
1Stephen Cummings
2Bill Trompetter
3Paul Newsom
Masters Men 60+ Cross Country Championship
Quirke Family Cup
1Graeme Burr
2Peter Sparks
3Albert Van Veen
Craig Rose Bowl Individual Race
Perston Trophy
1Matthew Rogers
2Darren Gordon
3Reon Rollo
Craig Rose Bowl (Men’s) Team Race
Craig Rose Bowl
Reon Rollo
Michi Imazu
Bill Trompetter
Tyler Rollo
Anton Wilson
Murray Smith Rose Bowl (Women’s) Individual Race
1Eva Green
2Jayme Maxwell
3Gwen McGrath
Murray Smith Rose Bowl (Women’s) Team Race
Murray Smith Rose Bowl
Jayme Maxwell
Keryn Morgan
Marian Goodwin
Isobel Franklin
Adam Clark Memorial Cup(Boys and Girls Under 18) Team Race
Blake Miscall
Anna Green
Jane Doyle
Jamie Birchler
Finnigan Strickland
Saunders Cup – 10km Handicap
1Anton Wilson
2Peter Sparks
3Keryn Morgan
Juniors (U16) Consolation Race
 not awarded
Juniors Turkey Trot
1Stephania Butler
2Gwen Mcgrath
3Aiden Jackson
Senior Consolation Race
Consolation Race Cup
1Stu McKenzie
Seniors Turkey Trot – 5km
1Liz Gibson
2Brendon Quirke
3Alexander Prichard
Seniors Turkey Trot – 10km
1Vanessa Trompetter
2Marian Goodwin
3Gary Maxwell
Girls U10 Road Championship
1Anna Green
2Mackenzie Gwerder
3Stefania Butler
Boys U10 Road Championship
1Finnigan Strickland
2Tumaka Martin
Girls U12 Road Championship
1Eva Green
2Gwen McGrath
3Isabel Bristow
Boys U12 Road Championship
1Thomas Prichard
2Cole Gwerder
3Jamie Birchler
Girls U14 Road Championship
1Jessica McKenzie
2Emalise Alding
Boys U14 Road Championship
1Alexander Prichard
2Jonathan Green
3Ashton Tietjens
Boys U16 Road Championship
1Nathaniel Graham
2Oscar Strickland
3Nicholas Green
Women U18 Road Championship
1Hannah Stegenwallner
Women U20 Road Championship
Junior Women U20 Road Championship Cup
1Jayme Maxwell
2Hanna Gordon
Senior Men Road Championship
Senior Men Road Championship Cup
1Anthony Jackson
Masters Women Road 35+ Championship
Masters Women Road Championship Cup
1Annabel Montgomery
2Keryn Morgan
Masters Women 50+ Road Championship
1Marian Goodwin
Masters Women 60+ Road Championship
1Trish Coley
Masters Men 35+ Road Championship
1Mathew Rogers
2Darren Gordon
3Andrew Crosland
Masters Men 50+ Road Championship
Masters Men 50+ Road Championship Cup
1Paul Newsom
2Bill Trompetter
3Gerard Bourke
Masters Men 60+ Road Championship
1Graeme Burr
2Peter Sparks
3Albert Van Veen
Girls Under 10 Points
1Anna Green196
2McKenzie Gwerder195
3Stefania Butler188
Boys Under 10 Points
1Finnigan Strickland199
2Tamuka Martin191
Girls Under 12 Points Gordon Smith Trophy
1Eva Green200
2Gwen McGrath196
3Jane Doyle193
Boys Under 12 Points Bill Merrick Trophy
1Blake Miscall199
2Thomas Prichard197
3Cole Gwerder196
Girls Under 14 Points Drake Cup
1Jessica McKenzie200
2Emalise Alding196
Boys Under 14 Points Morris Trophy
1Alexander Prichard200
2Jonathan Green194
3Ashton Tietjens193
Boys Under 16 Points Boys U16 Cup
1Nathaniel Graham200
2Nicholas Green199
3Oscar Strickland194
Women U18 Points Girls U18 Cup
1Nina Simmons196
Senior and Junior Women (18 and over) Points Kennedy-Good Salver
1Jamie Maxwell200
Masters Women 35+ Points Rose McManus Cup
1Trish Coley197
2Vanessa Trompetter194
3Keryn Morgan194
Masters Men 35 to 59 Points Noel Sutton Memorial Trophy
1Matthew Rogers200
2Darren Gordon198
3Bill Trompetter197
Masters Men 60+ Points
1Peter Sparks196
2Graeme Burr194
3Albert Van Veen194
Masters Age Graded Performance Trophy
1Darren Gordon84.84%
2Matt Rogers81.49%
3Bill Trompetter78.39%
Junior Fitness Goals Trophy
Emalise Alding
Hot Kiwi Junior Development Boys
Blake Miscall
Hot Kiwi Junior Development Girls
Eva Green
Arthur Chandler Trophy for Diligence in Training
Anton Wilson
Sutton Trophy for Veterans Club Spirit
Richard Doyle
Mary Baker Memorial Trophy for Women’s Club Spirit
Marian Goodwin
Ogilvie Trophy for Men’s Club Spirit
Presidents Choice
Reon Rollo