Run For Your Life

Run for Your Life, November 2015

“Feel the force move through you”

Two Sunday morning workshops that explore the archetypal and foundational movements of good walking and running, jumping, throwing and fighting.

For athletes of all stripes, and martial arts folks too.


Sunday 22 November, 9.30 -12. With Rupert Watson.

Sunday 29 November, 9.30-12. With Femke Koene.


Rupert’s session: two Feldenkrais lessons that improve awareness of how you move; oil your hips; help you learn to use your whole body in basic walking and running movements; and a third lesson that introduces the fundamentals of the vital, primeval crawling action, which leads nicely into…..


Femke’s session: which explores how we generate force from the ground and in ourselves. Includes “floor play”, partner training, energetic animal-like movement sequences that help coordination, trunk stability, balance, acceleration. Invigorating movements that “flow from the floor to your feet to function”.


At Scottish Club Rooms, Prince of Wales Park


Cost: $55 for both sessions; $30 each. They are complementary and fit together, but if there is some really good reason you can only do one, that’s sort of ok.


To Register email Rupert at:

Rupert Watson

Feldenkrais, Bones for Life, Massage

5 Watt St

Featherston, 5710

027 585 3822

“It’s not age, it’s HOW you age.”