Start of 2020 season

Because of the increase of meeting size to 100 people the club will re-open to normal pack runs. Our first run will be on 6th June. We would like to invite (new) members to meet for this first informal club run.  We will meet at the clubrooms for this first run, but unfortunately the clubrooms won’t be available so there will be no access to toilets or showers. This is because of the requirement to have extensive cleaning before and after each meeting, especially toilets and showers.
The committee’s decision that there will be no charge or fee for a ‘social membership’ still stands, ie: you do not need to pay to join the club runs. If however you wish to participate in interclub events later in the season, you will have to pay the fees to become a full Athletics New Zealand member. We’ll advise you when and how before the first of these events, which will likely only happen when the country moves to level 1.