Update on Proposed New Levy

To:          All Clubs, Centres, Associate Members and Life Members

 Re:         Proposed Changes to Levy Collection Model

Good Afternoon

This email is being circulated to Clubs, Centres, Associate Members and Life Members as an update on the progress of the proposed changes to the levy collection model.

On Friday the proposed amendments for the By-Laws to accommodate the proposed change to the levy was emailed to clubs and posted to the Athletics NZ website, which commenced the 50-day consultation phase.

Subsequent to that, an article was placed on the Athletics NZ website as a news article to explain in more detail the proposed changes and generally to communicate and keep as many interested parties as informed as possible.

Between the two forms of communication, we hope you have had the opportunity to look at the proposed collection model and the proposed fees.

The proposed Athletics NZ fee structure is a user pays model and easy to follow, with the fees being:

  1.  6 and under                        $10
  2. 7 to 14                                   $20
  3. Over 14                                $30
  4. Volunteers                          $ 0

The proposal includes an additional $20 to the current National Championship entry fee which would be charged to each and every person entering a National Championship.  The Fee would only be charged once per championship, so the National Track and Field Championships would be based on a person entering the Championship, not each and every separate event they then entered.  The National Road Relay Championships would be for each individual entered.  For National Championships where a person can compete in two different categories, there will only be one fee charged.

Under the current levy collection model Athletics NZ levy approximately $100 per senior member.  Under the proposed model this would be $30 per senior person + $20 for each National Championship they entered.  Based on our current figures, a person would have to enter four separate National Championships before they would pay slightly more than the equivalent of what Athletics NZ are charging the Centre now.

The Rules Committee is seeking feedback on the wording of the proposed amendments to the By-Laws and the Board are seeking feedback from Centres and Clubs on the proposed fees.  It should be noted that the feedback is not one and the same.  You can provide feedback that is supportive of the change to the levy collection model, but not support the proposed fees.  Overall, the intention is to get as much feedback on both the collection model and the actual dollars being proposed for the membership fees.  I am seeking your support in that process and hope that you will find the time to provide feedback on whether you believe the collection model is relevant for our sport and also whether you believe the fees as proposed will be supported in our sport.

To read the article on the website   Click HERE 

To read the proposed amendments to the By-Law   Click HERE

To provide feedback, please email   rules@athletics.org.nz

Kind regards


Linda Hamersley
Chief Executive
Athletics New Zealand